Our Values


The Catholic Faith is at the heart of what we do. Our Christian principles provide a well understood moral code by which we operate. The Partnership will promote an atmosphere of mutual respect where members of all the schools are well behaved, display good manners and work for the common good. The curriculum will be engaging and flexible, relevant to the needs of the learners in order to equip them to take their places as productive members of society through the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes.

In practice the partnership will provide mutual support to all partnership schools, an “all through education” of the pupils, from initial entry at primary through to the end of secondary school, promote and support Catholic education in the Diocese, promote Christian values including British values, and promote equality in the partnership.

It will deliver the following outcomes, whence all partnership schools will provide an outstanding education for their pupils, work collaboratively to share expertise and ensure the highest possible standards, demonstrate an uncompromising drive to improve, or maintain, the highest levels of achievement and personal development for all pupils over a sustained period of time, and provide a curriculum which promotes and sustains a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.

For a wider context of our values, please refer to our Scheme of Delegation.

Jonathan Parkinson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)